Re-establishment of Weekly HQHC Emails

Dear Team Bingham,

Some of you may remember the weekly Ten Minute Team Meetings we did a few years ago. Time sure does fly by! For those of you who are newer to our organization, these weekly emails presented a topic that aligned with our vision of delivering high quality care in a highly compassionate manner (HQHC).

Your team/department/office should be holding regularly scheduled workplace huddles. A workplace huddle is more than just a staff meeting. It’s a regular discussion where you can address key performance indicators and areas of improvement in your team/department/office. These meetings may take place daily or weekly depending on your team’s responsibilities and operation. The purpose of team huddles are to encourage employee involvement and to serve as a self-correcting measure to keep the organization on the path toward achieving its goals.

Goals…always talked about but only occasionally achieved—it would seem. During your team huddles, your manager should be discussing your team goals. They should be prominently displayed with key performance measures that clearly indicate where your department is at in achieving its goals. Many of these goals have been incorporated into our organizations overall perf

ormance improvement program, but all of them should be with the same focused organizational goal of improving our community's health through high-quality care with compassion and exceptional service.

High Quality. High Compassion. We’re back to those words again. It is essential that we maintain our focus on both of these aspects of care: High Quality. High Compassion. To help us focus as an entire organization—from Idaho Falls to Pocatello, from CCC to PWHC, from BMH to GCMC, from inpatient care to outpatient care—we will be re-instituting the weekly HQHC emails for all Bingham Healthcare team members.

We need your help to ensure every single team member (employed or contracted) reviews and participates in these brief reminders of key service principles. I know some of the content may seem corny, but I believe it helps to keep us focused on what truly matters—our patients and their families. Your manager will be including these weekly HQHC trainings in at least one of your huddles during the week.

Now, if you’ve stayed with me in this email all the way to this point, I’ve got something for you. Text “teambingham” (no spaces) to (877) 379-4903 to join the Team Bingham employee text line. Go ahead and join. I promise not to spam you. If you think I get “spammy”, then simply text “stop” to the same number to block me. It’s that simple. “Something for you…” oh yeah! Join the text line and then send me another text via the same phone number that says, “HQHC, I’m in!” and I’ll send you $10 in Bingham Bucks through interoffice mail. If you’ve already joined the Team Bingham text line, then simply send me the message, “HQHC, I’m in!” to (877) 379-4903.

Thanks for all you do in helping to deliver on our brand promise of an incredible patient experience. What you do at Bingham Healthcare matters. You’re saving lives. There is no greater work than that!


Mark Baker


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