Process Improvement

04/05/2021– Process Improvement

You can watch this HQHC Huddle HERE.

I. Report of Goals

Before getting into this week’s topic, take a moment and report on your department goal(s).

II. Success Stories

Take a moment to share one or two brief success stories of Meaningful Encounters with patients or guests.

III. Process Improvement

“If I could just do it this way it would go so much smoother,” you think silently to yourself about a process for your job. Well, that may be true, so stop thinking it silently and start presenting your ideas.

Last week, we discussed Systems Theory which states we are all connected in the Bingham Healthcare system, and when one of us fails to fulfill our job description, it causes the system to not operate as well as it could. That, in turn, may cause a patient’s experience to be poor, or even unsafe. This week, we are going to continue to build on that principle.

We know we are not perfect. Our system is comprised of humans—wonderful, beautiful, unique human beings. And it is human to make mistakes. Therefore, we are continually seeking to improve our systems in an effort to limit the number of mistakes and improve the patient experience. A core tenant of Bingham Healthcare is Innovation and inherent to innovation is the drive for continual improvement. At Bingham Healthcare we are constantly seeking to innovate in order to improve our systems and the services that we provide.

Innovation involves you. Everyone at Bingham Healthcare has two responsibilities. Number one is to 1do your job. This is consistent with what we discussed last week with systems theory. And the second responsibility is to 2improve your job.

Process improvement is about identifying an area where existing processes are lacking in some way. Once the opportunity for improvement is identified, then it’s about implementing changes that optimize the existing process to meet or exceed expectation. These changes may be quick and simple or may be a project that requires more time and planning. But the beauty of process improvement is you can start small and you can start right now.

Below are some examples of process improvements suggested and made by Bingham Healthcare employees:

Med Surg: Maddy Wilson, RN developed an improved bedside report tool for use at shift change. It uses the acronym PITT STOP.

Operating Room: Marilyn Anderson, RN planned and facilitated a mock Code Blue Scenario for staff. She set educational objectives and obtained a scenario from AORN. The staff reported back how much they appreciated the code practice and it helped them feel more prepared and ready for an emergency. Marilyn has helped institute quarterly code drills.

Marketing, TSE Interim Director & Physical Therapy: Collaborated on a public education video about preventing falls. These videos are now used for public education as well as patient education.

Same Day Surgery: Michelle Jensen and Mallory Anderson labeled a cubby for where to place meds to beds packets (prescriptions/consent). This ensures the pharmacy doesn’t have to spend time looking around for the nurse or trying to hunt down the paperwork.

SDS had paperclips everywhere. Pam Bashline asked for some magnet strips and placed them in a strategic location around the work areas in SDS. This gave a place for people to put the clips when they were done with them, cleaning up the work areas.

What did you find interesting about these examples?

What ideas do you have for improving the processes of your job? Consider how you might present your idea to your manager.

If you are willing, share your idea during your team Huddle to get feedback from your teammates.


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