06/01/2021– Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 2

06/01/2021– Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 2

I. Report of Goals

Before getting into this week’s topic, take a moment and report on your department goal(s).

II. Success Stories

Take a moment to share one or two brief success stories of Meaningful Encounters with patients or guests.

III. Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 2

When I was a kid, I loved playing capture the flag. We would gather up a large group and play at dusk. The dark made the game more interesting. The mission was to find and capture the flag of the opposing team(s) while also defending our own flag and base. Though there are not a lot of rules to the game, there were some important ones that we played by. One of them was that there was no such thing as a unilateral “jail break.” Meaning, the kids who had been caught and placed in jail could not break themselves out. The only way out was for a member of their own team, who was not already in jail, to make it to the jail without getting tagged themselves. Another important factor was having clear boundaries/zones. These are safe areas if you’re on your own side, but if you’re in an opposing team’s zone you were in danger of being caught and put into jail. The imaginary lines for these zones always seemed to be in dispute.

Capture the flag is a great analogy for defining mission, vision, and values of an organization.

Core values are like guiding beacons on how we are expected to behave when pursuing the Bingham Healthcare mission. And it is, in part, by adhering to these values that we will become what we envision—the region’s most trusted resource for improving quality of life.

Accountability. Accountability means doing what we say we are going to do as we serve our patients, team members, and the community.

Compassion. To serve with compassion, we honor everyone with kindness, respect, and dignity.

Innovation. Innovation means to develop and implement creative solutions to complex problems.

Teamwork. Teamwork means that we are a unified team that trusts and helps one another.

IV. Act

Take time this week to read the stories shared about the 2021-2022 Core Values Champions found here: