05/17/2021– Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 1

05/17/2021– Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 1

I. Report of Goals

Before getting into this week’s topic, take a moment and report on your department goal(s).

II. Success Stories

Take a moment to share one or two brief success stories of Meaningful Encounters with patients or guests.

III. Bingham Healthcare’s Mission, Vision, and Values—PART 1

Rowing is the sport of racing boats using oars. While rowing can be performed alone, the image most people picture is the 8-person competition. If you’re familiar with the Olympic sport you may have watched in awe at how smoothly the sleek boats seam to glide through the water. Despite how graceful these athletes make it look rowing is one of the most physically demanding exercises—engaging more muscle groups than nearly any other exercise.

What are some factors that you think would make a successful row team?

A rowboat might be better described as a shell, barely wide enough to sit in. It’s an unstable position with the danger tipping at any moment. In order to maintain balance and build momentum a team must work together and have exact timing. If one side’s oars are raised higher than the other side, then the boat will tip. If one side rows harder that the other side, then the boat will tip.

What are some of the similarities between a row team and your team at work? (tipping)

There is a ninth person on a row team. The coxswain doesn’t row. Their job is to steer the boat and keep it on course, headed for the finish line. The coxswain can use a rudder to steer the boat, but that can slow it down, and so instead they’ll call out to increase pressure for a few strokes on either side of the boat to correct the course. High achieving teams always keep the goal in sight and understand the ultimate objectives of their work. Without this, teams can end up off course.

Team performance is a function of collaboration and coordination, not the effort of one person. Successful teams are in sync. Team members know how their contribution affects the outcome. They are aware of their team members and work to stay in sync with one another. For successful teams it’s not how hard you work, it’s how hard you work together.

Allow me to make this case for rowing together as an entire organization. We have grown rapidly the past several years. We’ve merged disparate teams into a single #TeamBingham. Some of you used to be called competitors and are now part of Bingham. Some of you are brand new team members, and some of you are long-time team members. And now, we are all in the same boat. Bingham Healthcare has a vision for healthcare in eastern Idaho and you’re invited to be part of the team that turns that vision into reality.


Below is a summary of Bingham Healthcare’s Strategic Plan with Mission, Vision, and Values. Take time to become familiar with the mission and vision statements. We will be discussing them in the upcoming HQHC Huddles.

Mission Statement: To advance our community’s health, we provide high quality care with compassion and exceptional service.

Vision Statement: To be the region’s most trusted resource for improving quality of life.

Values: 1. Compassion 2. Accountability 3. Teamwork 4. Innovation

Strategic Focus: 1. High Reliability 2. Employee Engagement 3. Organizational Infrastructure 4. Community Engagement, 5. Financial Independence