04/26/2021– Improving Awareness of Others

04/26/2021– Improving Awareness of Others

Adapted from a Ten Minute Team Meeting written by Michael Harris.

I. Report of Goals

Before getting into this week’s topic, take a moment and report on your department goal(s).

II. Success Stories

Take a moment to share one or two brief success stories of Meaningful Encounters with patients or guests.

III. Bingham Healthcare Ladder of Priorities

At the beginning of The Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne, the film’s protagonist is sitting in a diner, trying to figure out who he is. Bourne observes that he can notice things that most people wouldn’t even consider.

Watch the 1:15 clip below:

Making detailed observations of your surroundings isn’t just a trait of top-secret operatives. It’s called situational awareness and it can help you deliver exceptional service to our patients and guests. Situational awareness is really just another word for mindfulness, and developing this skill can make you more cognizant of what’s going on around you and be present in your daily activities, which in turn helps you know how to serve those around you.

What does being attentive mean to you?

Attentiveness is defined as the action of paying close attention to something; being observant, mindful, alert, watchful, and considerate; attending to the comforts or wishes of another. Each day we face scenarios where patients/guests’ needs are left unmet because they go unspoken. Antoine de Saint Exupery shares, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

In order to be present to the needs of our patients, we need to let go of calibrations and calculations and simply seek to be present to needs.

In what ways can you be fully present to the patients or guests you serve?

When you come in contact with patients or guests at our hospitals or clinics ask yourself:

· Am I aware of what this person is feeling? How do I acknowledge that?

· Is there an opportunity for me to be assertively friendly and get to know this person better?

· What can I say or do that can make their experience with Bingham Healthcare more comfortable or pleasant?


Focus on the attached picture for 20 seconds. (Use a stopwatch or other timepiece to keep it exactly 20 seconds.)

Now answer the following questions:

· How many people total were involved in the accident?

· How many males and how many females?

· What time of year is it?

· What objects were lying on the ground?

· What injury did the man on the ground seem to be suffering from?

How did you do on this test? Developing situational awareness takes practice and requires that we are mentally, emotionally, and physically present for our patients and guests.