Bingham Healthcare is thrilled to announce that they are launching an artwork contest, sponsored by the Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic (PWHC). All Idahoans are asked to submit a unique piece of artwork or photography that focuses on anything in or around Pocatello (submitted only on canvas or paper so the winning pieces of artwork can be framed).


These are the two categories artists or photographers can enter to win:

  •  Pocatello and surrounding area images/artwork

  • Mom and/or baby (precious moments) in artwork or photography



  1. 1st prize for artwork with artistic materials: $500

  2. 1st prize for photography: $500

  3. 2nd prize for artwork with artistic materials: $250

  4. 2nd prize for photography: $250

  5. 3rd prize for artwork with artistic materials: $100

  6. 3rd prize for photography: $100

  • Each artist may submit a piece of artwork related to the beauty and the community’s love for Pocatello no later than Friday, June 4, 2021.

  • Participants can design or create a piece of artwork anyway they like, keeping in mind that it will have to be hung on a wall.

  • All winning artwork and photography must be submitted on canvas or paper so the winning pieces can be framed.

  • The artwork can be creative, abstract, or whatever the artist desires, so long as it represents some aspect of Pocatello.

  • Submissions must be a standard frame size between 8X10 and 24X36. 

  • Please be sure to fill out the form on this landing page completely so Bingham knows how to contact the winners.

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