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Why are we getting a NEW Electronic Health Record (EHR) system?

Our patients and staff need ONE system. One chart for our patients. One system for our team. One comprehensive experience for our patients (e.g.: patient portal, online scheduling. etc.)


The organization has expanded significantly over the past ten years, and we have “outgrown” the technology and capabilities of our current systems.


Why Meditech?

We knew we needed a new system. We started by creating a Steering Committee comprised of physicians and clinical and administrative leadership. We then tasked them with researching and demo’ing numerous EHR systems. After an 18-month vetting process, Meditech Expanse was voted as the best system for our organization’s current and future needs as well as for our patient population.


What are the benefits of Meditech Expanse?

  1. Increased clinical efficiency and quality patient outcomes. One patient record across all of our facilities and service lines.

  2. Increased patient engagement and experience with modern tools such as online scheduling and a robust patient portal.

  3. Increased interoperability with the ability to integrate with other regional hospitals to share mutual patient records.


When is Meditech coming?

January to September - 2023

BMH and Meditech teams will be designing, building, and testing each component of the new EHR.


When will staff training on the new system be held?

From October to December - 2023.


When will the new system go live?

January 1, 2024



Super Users-01.jpg

Brittney Tominaga - IT Director

Super Users-05.jpg

Karrie Moore - Informatics Team Lead

Super Users-03.jpg

Scott Conn - Interface Analyst

Super Users-06.jpg

Sara Bingham - Clinical Informaticist, RN

Super Users-04.jpg

Richard Ashcraft - Project Lead

Super Users-02.jpg

Sunil Kolanti  - DBA/Interface Analyst

Super Users-08.jpg

Alyssa Neff - Clinical Informaticist, RN

Landing Page Images-02.jpg

Helena Callister - Clinical Informaticist, RN

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