Cardio Renal Centers of America

235 Poplar St., Blackfoot, ID 83221

About Cardio Renal Centers of America

The team at Cardio Renal Centers of America (CRCA), in partnership with Bingham Healthcare & Fresenius Kidney Care, provide coordinated treatment of heart and kidney disease.

This facility is located just north of the Bingham Memorial Medical Plaza and offers the latest technology in the region to provide the coordinated treatment of heart and kidney disease by a team of specialists under one roof. At its core, CRCA is cardio renal care with heart and it’s a revolutionary, first-of-its kind facility that:

  • Combines specialists of nephrology, cardiology, and vascular and interventional radiology.
  • Changes healthcare delivery through coordinated treatment of heart and kidney disease by a team of specialists in one facility.
  • Eliminates the pitfalls of disjointed healthcare by combining clinics so patients get a unified message in a timely fashion and the information is seamlessly transferred between specialists.
  • Combines clinics to ensure appropriate screenings in order for all pieces of this connected cardiovascular system to be treated properly as a whole.

Through the CRCA, patients will see a decrease in the cost of medicine through less complications, less visits to the emergency room, less time off work meeting with physicians, all while receiving a superior approach to care that ultimately leads to them getting better, not worse.

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