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You've been doing your part to slow the spread of coronavirus. You’re staying home, but that doesn’t mean your health should be put on hold. You still have pressing medical needs and we’ve got solutions for your and your family.

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With so much information it's hard to keep facts straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to go to the doctor right now?

Your healthcare is essential. The Governor's Stay-At-Home Order kept healthcare providers, like doctors open, as essential businesses. While we excourage you to take measures such as social distancing and practicing good hand hygeine, our clinics are a safe place to receive care.

Can I have a surgery right now?

Yes! You and your surgeon can work together to schedule a time to perform necessary surgeries.

My doctor's office is probably closed anyway.

All of our offices are open for business. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure our offices are safe for our patients. We also offer telehealth visits for all of our doctors and specialities. We are far from closed!

Coronavirus is dangerous and I could catch it if I go to the doctor/hospital.

Coronavirus is dangerous and we certainly don't take that lightly. Our offices and hospital are filled with amazing staff, all of whom are going above and beyond to ensure every single person who enters one of our facilities stays safe.

Will my insurance cover telehealth visits?

Yes, nearly all insurance plans have expanded telehealth coverage due to the coronavirus pandemic. Call our offices and a customer service specialist can help with any preauthorization questions with your insurance policy.

Your Healthcare is essential, so don't delay important medical care.

Click or call (208) 782-3700 to receive a FREE Telehealth Consultation and get answers to any of your pressing medical concerns.

Free Telehealth Consultation.

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