Bingham Healthcare is thrilled to announce that they are launching an artwork contest, sponsored by Dr. Dan E. Robinson, DPM, MHA, podiatrist and foot & ankle specialist at Bingham Healthcare Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. All Idahoans are asked to submit a unique piece of artwork that focuses on the foot or ankle or both (submitted only on canvas or paper so the winning pieces of artwork can be framed).


“Currently, my exam rooms do not have any artwork on the walls,” says Dr. Robinson. “From all of the entries, we are going to select a total of six pieces of artwork, which will then be hung in my exam rooms, along with the artists’ names. I thought this would be an exciting opportunity to engage with the community and invoke a spirit of creativity surrounding the foot and ankle, celebrating a body part that we often take for granted.”

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  1. Ages 5-8 (1 Winner - $50 Prize)

  2. Ages 9-12 (1 Winner - $150 Prize)

  3. Ages 13-17 (1 Winner - $200 Prize)

  4. Ages 18+ (2 Winners - $500 Prize)

  5. High School Senior and/or College Student (1 Winner - $500 Scholarship)

Participants may only enter 1 (one) category for this contest.


  • Each artist may submit a piece of artwork related to the foot and ankle no later than Friday, August 21, 2020.

  • Participants can design or create a piece of artwork anyway they like, keeping in mind that it will have to be hung on a wall.

  • All artwork must be submitted on canvas or paper so the winning pieces can be framed.

  • The artwork can be creative, abstract, or anatomically correct.

  • There are size specifications that need to be adhered to for a piece of artwork. (see below)

  • Please be sure to fill out the form on this landing page completely so Bingham knows how to contact the winners.

Contest Winners

Alexandria Vivian
Category: College Scholarship
In Daddy's Hands.JPG
Stephanie Talbot
Category: 18
Morgan Talbot Foot Art Contest.jpg
Morgan Talbot
Category: 9-12
Dallin Lochridge
Category: 18
Macee Moffat
Category: 13-17
Emalyn Pond
Category: 5-8

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