Safety: It takes all of us!

At Bingham Memorial, we take the safety of everyone in the community very seriously. Observed annually in June, National Safety Month brings a heightened awareness to safety and things we might normally take for granted. For example, stay safe (and keep others safe) by not using cell phones while driving, always wear a seatbelt, and never share or take more prescription drugs than necessary.

Now, while summer is a great time to get your family moving together in the great outdoors, pesky hazards could put you and your loved ones at risk for a serious injury. If you’re aiming for the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week, you might as well do something fun. Here are some simple steps to help your family get active, but to stay safe while enjoying nature without having to visit our ER or 1st Choice Urgent Care & Family Medicine in Blackfoot.


Sign your children up for swimming and water safety lessons as early as possible. Make sure everyone wears sunscreen, and give kids scheduled time out of the water for bathroom visits, water breaks, and meal time. Children should be supervised by an adequate number of adults who can swim to watch the children the way a lifeguard would.


Familiarize yourself with the terrain, plan your route, and have bear spray on hand, just in case. Remember that mobile phones aren’t always dependable on some trails, so bring a paper map. Adults and kids should use sunscreen and insect repellent (you can use repellent with up to 30 percent DEET on children). Don’t forget to bring enough food and water.


Parents should teach their children to ride safely on protected trails or routes, and make sure bicycles fit each child’s size. Cyclists of all ages should wear sturdy shoes to avoid foot injuries and proper helmets and reflective gear. And again—don’t forget sunscreen and water.


Long runs should be reserved for older kids; after puberty is a safe bet. If you go out with your teen, leave the headphones at home and be aware of your surroundings, including pedestrians, cars and bikes.


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