BMH Receives Official Healing Hospital Certification

Photo: Receiving the Healing Hospital Certification? left to right are Dean Jones, BMH Board Member; Jeff Daniels, CEO; Todd Meador, Erie Chapman Foundation certifying representative.

BLACKFOOT, Idaho – June 5, 2017 – The Erie Chapman Foundation, based in Nashville, Tennessee, announced that Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH) has achieved the organization’s prestigious Healing Hospital Certification?. Erie Chapman, President and CEO of the Foundation, made the announcement. The recognition of BMH as a Healing Hospital acknowledges the exceptional quality of the hospital and their commitment to continuing to develop and sustain a culture of Radical Loving Care. The Erie Chapman Foundation has also recognized The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Riverside Methodist Hospital (OhioHealth), and the Baylor Scott & White health systems as examples of peak performing organizations where Radical Loving Care is part of the culture.

“It was extremely important to me that Bingham Memorial become certified as a Healing Hospital,” said Jeff Daniels, CEO at BMH. “We already had a solid foundation, committed to excellence, and our employees were already providing high quality and compassionate care in a loving manner. I wanted to take everything we were already doing really well and signal our commitment to a new and higher standard of exceptional care that everyone deserves.” BMH started the certification review process in December, 2016.

“The Healing Hospital Certification means that our board recognizes that BMH has met the standards required of a culture that practices Radical Loving Care,” Mr. Chapman said. “Every hospital claims to be healing and caring. But, Radical Loving Care asks a harder question: ‘Is every single caregiver someone you would trust taking care of your mother?’ We call this The Mother Test™ and it is an extremely difficult standard to reach.”

BMH passed the Foundation’s Mother Test™, validating that they deliver improved patient care (and thus patient satisfaction) in every area by enhancing the human experience for everyone facing a healthcare challenge. BMH also met essential criteria for staffing, training and facility infrastructure, and protocols for communication and patient care. In addition, under the direction of Mr. Daniels, the Servant’s Heart Award was introduced, which honors a physician, nurse, and an ancillary team member who are nominated and recognized by their peers on a monthly basis.

The Foundation sent a representative, Todd Meador, for an onsite visit in May of this year. “I was very impressed with the work that leaders, including outgoing CEO Jeff Daniels and his chosen successor, Jake Erickson, are doing in enriching workplace culture,” Mr. Meador said. “There was already a good culture in place. But, BMH has hundreds of employees and physicians so the big goal here was to develop a culture where everyone passed The Mother Test™. The only way to do that is with a culture focused on loving care, supported by exceptional leaders.”

The review determined that leadership at BMH understood that loving care is not only about compassion but is also centered in competence. BMH recently adopted a vision statement emphasizing high competence and high compassion. “This is the kind of thing we like to see in healthcare organizations,” Mr. Meador said.

“Everyone worked so hard for this achievement, and we are extremely proud to have received the Healing Hospital Certification?,” Mr. Daniels said. “I believe that all employees, regardless of where they work in the organization, are caregivers who play an important role in the healing miracles that occur each day. What all of our employees do on a daily basis saves lives, decreases suffering, and calms weary hearts. Receiving this certification helps to instill my belief that sincere compassion drives the highest skill and quality of care and that true healing only occurs when compassion is part of the cure.”

About the Erie Chapman Foundation

Erie Chapman Foundation, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a non-profit trust set up to advance and support the principles of loving care. The concept of the New Healing Hospital was launched at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital in 2001 during the time Mr. Chapman was President & CEO. Their high success lead to the best-selling book, Radical Loving Care, written by Mr. Chapman in 2003. The culture-focused philosophy has since been expanded and supplemented in four other books.

Organizations previously recognized as “Healing Hospitals” include Parrish Medical Center, Titusville, Florida; Mercy Gilbert Hospital, Gilbert, Arizona & St. Vincent Hospital, Billings, Montana.

The Foundation has also recognized The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Riverside Methodist Hospital (OhioHealth) & Baylor Scott & White health systems as examples of peak performing organizations where Radical Loving Care is part of the culture.

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