BMH Holds Emergency Training Simulation

BLACKFOOT, ID – June 19, 2017 – In preparation for the anticipated increase in visitors to Eastern Idaho this August for the Solar Eclipse, Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH) held an emergency simulation today at 8:00 am. This was a test for their emergency department staff and of the National Incident Command System (ICS). The simulation included 11 young adults who were involved in a bus accident. This event was planned out in advance and conducted in the Blackfoot community near Patriot Park and involved real emergency response vehicles, an ambulance, local police, and a team from air flight.

“While we always hold a few simulations each year, we are holding more this year in preparation for the anticipated increase in visitors to Eastern Idaho this August for the Solar Eclipse,” says Jennifer Pugmire, emergency department manager at BMH. “We want to be as prepared as possible. Simulations, such as these, are valuable practice experience for BMHs staff and community emergency responders.”

Each of the 11 young adults, who were both on and off the bus, were staged with different injuries. All of the young adults were triaged on the scene and then transported to the emergency room at BMH. “One of the primary reasons for the simulation was to test our department and staff’s capacity to handle such an influx of serious injuries in the event something similar happens during the week of the solar eclipse, and in the event other regional hospitals are at capacity, ” says Jennifer. “We wanted to see if there were any things we could learn from this event that would allow us to perform more efficiently in the future.”

BMH conducts simulations like these two to three times per year. We seek to be prepared for every emergency situation that may be presented in our area and continually seek to improve our service to the local community.

“We greatly appreciated all the volunteers who willingly gave up their mornings to assist us and for the local support of all of the first responders who were on duty,” says Jennifer. “Without collaboration and support from the community, we wouldn’t be able to have these tests to improve the quality of healthcare we deliver.”

For additional information about how to be safe and prepared for the solar eclipse, please visit

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