Aberdeen Police Department Receives Life-Saving Medical Backpacks

BLACKFOOT, ID – January 4, 2018  The Bingham Health Care Foundation recently donated five medical backpacks to the Aberdeen Police Department, which could save lives, including those of other police officers.

The medical backpacks were filled with medical supplies for a myriad of situations that first responders encounter. The packs contain supplies best suited for emergency response needs; from administering oxygen to treating dehydration, burns, or open wounds. The kits include items such as trauma scissors, a tourniquet, and bandages. Having these kits on their person can help a police officer stop bleeding minutes before an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) arrives.

The backpacks have been issued to each officer who now have proper and effective equipment and supplies to assist the citizens of Aberdeen and Bingham County with their medical emergencies.

“Bingham Memorial Hospital and their Foundation have been a very important part of Blackfoot and Bingham County for as long as I can remember,” says Chuck Carroll, Chief of the Aberdeen Police Department. “They definitely care about the communities that they serve and the people in them. I would like to thank them on behalf of the citizens of Aberdeen and those in southern Bingham County for their gracious donation. We are extremely grateful for their generosity.”

There is always a need for these types of medical backpacks. All First Responders should have a first-aid kit of some kind. Some agencies supply their officers with them while others have the officers purchase their own. These medical backpacks are especially useful and practical for a patrol officer. They can carry it while climbing obstacles and moving through thick brush, all while allowing their hands to be free to use a weapon, carry another person, et cetera. Furthermore, the backpacks have the ability to carry more medical supplies than what is found typically in first-aid kits carried in vehicles. While officers are not EMT’s, they are often first on the scene of many medical emergencies. If they have the right equipment and training, they can make a real difference to the injured person(s) prior to the EMT’s arrival to take over treating the victim(s).

“It was our pleasure to donate these medical backpacks to the Aberdeen Police Department and assist our local police officers with the right tools to help someone in need,” says Danette Roberts, director of the Foundation.


About the Bingham Health Care Foundation

The mission of the Bingham Health Care Foundation is to develop relationships within the communities it serves, to highlight awareness and access of care, increase the knowledge of healthy lifestyles, and encourage funding sources to enhance health care services to community residents. The Bingham Health Care Foundation provides funds to improve the health of patients in Eastern Idaho. The foundation enjoys the support of generous donations from hospital physicians, BMH employees, and from the local community.

For more information on the Foundation, visit https://www.binghamhealthcare.org/about-bmh/bingham-health-care-foundation

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