2019 Servant’s Heart of the Year Award Winner

For the past year, we’ve had the privilege of honoring three Bingham Healthcare team members with the Servant’s Heart Award each month. This goes to employees, physicians, and volunteers who are nominated by their peers for going above and beyond to deliver not only caring and compassionate care—but extraordinary care—that positively impacts our patients in a variety of ways.

However, every year we like to recognize one employee who consistently exemplifies what it means to have a Servant’s Heart. In honor of one employee who has been nominated more times than anyone else by her peers, and repeatedly praised by patients, we are delighted to announce that KABRINA LEAVITT, registered nurse, is the recipient of the 2019 Servant’s Heart of the Year award. Kabrina has been a Bingham employee for 17 years, and we are pleased to give this award to her in honor of her dedication to our patients and employees.

We are indebted to Kabrina for her unwavering commitment to our patients and employees. She is truly an extraordinary human being whose work and countless acts of kindness have been fundamental in embodying compassionate and loving care at Bingham Healthcare. We greatly appreciate the tremendous joy and inspiration Kabrina bring to our patients and employees on a daily basis.”

Here are some of the stories people have shared about Kabrina:

“Kabrina is always on top of her game. She makes sure that her work is done to the best of her ability, all while making it fun to work with her. Her compassion as a nurse is incredible.” (Nominated by: Anonymous) 

“When I first met Kabrina, I noticed she was always willing to help and do anything for patients. I found her always accessible to my suggestions and questions. She is very honest if you want to hear the truth. She shows a lot of care for patients.” (Nominated by: Michael Harris, patient experience coordinator) 

“Kabrina is an amazing nurse and always takes amazing care of her patients. She taught me how to be an ICU nurse and for that I am very lucky. She is always willing to help in any situation, she picks up needs to help out—so her coworkers don’t work short.” (Nominated by: Jennifer Pugmire, ED/ICU Director)

“Kabrina is always willing to jump in, come in early, or just pitch in. She’s all about the team! She continues to give everything she does, her best. She is always going above and beyond! And, she really knows her stuff.” (Nominated by: Barb Brown, ICU nurse)

“Kabrina helped train me when I was a new nurse. She stressed the importance of working hard to provide quality care, and was always honest in her feedback to help me grow as a new nurse. I would take the time to make sure I learned to do things the right way. Kabrina has consistently shown her commitment to providing the best care to every patient she encounters, and she expects the same from everyone on her team. I have always been impressed with her willingness to roll up her sleeves (or put on the extra layers of PPE when needed) to do the tough or unpleasant jobs that even seasoned nurses may hesitate to volunteer for.” (Nominated by: Nathan Buck, Medsurge Director)

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